Our adhesives are designed to offer durable solutions in the printing of books, folders, filing cabinets, cases, coverings, muslin, headers, stencils, sticks, matches, abrasives, etc. .

At Royal Cartton we have a wide range of products, standardized for the most common uses and jobs, as well as customized solutions according to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Royal Cartton has an efficient, automated technology for the production of gelatin base adhesives in bread, powder or other formats, thereby optimizing costs.

The ultimate aim of Royal Cartton is to guarantee quality in its adhesives , as well as to ensure its correct use in the equipment where they are applied.

Our adhesives, are designed to offer long-lasting solutions for hardcover books, folders, diaries, notebooks, lined boxes, stucco, filing cabinets, exhibitors …

We offer a wide variety of adhesives , from the most common to the most personalized for each customer in particular.

These adhesives are directed the industries of:


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