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What is Jelly?

Gelatin is a complex protein of natural origin, obtained from the partial hydrolysis of collagen. Likewise, this protein of natural origin makes it an excellent base for the manufacture of adhesives due to its characteristics.

The characteristics of animal gelatin make it possible to produce a great variety of adhesives, suitable for a great variety of applications. These glues have a high tacking, malleability, and great adhesive power, in addition, it is a biodegradable, recyclable, 100%, ecological product and therefore respectful with the environment.

Gelatin types

  • Technical gelatin: It has reliable quality and high purity.
  • Food gelatin: Of maximum purity and quality, suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Recycled gelatine: It comes mainly from the food and pharmaceutical industry, still maintaining high quality, and can be used in industrial uses.


Adhesives Glues


Gelatin-based hot melt adhesive ready to be used. It is served in the form of gelled tablets. All of our adhesives are characterized by having a high tacking, excellent malleability, great bonding power, and good machine performance. When dry, they provide elastic and tension-free films, which ensure the absence of deformations in the glued material.

At Royal Cartton we take advantage of the characteristics of gelatins to make a wide range of adhesives, adapting to all the needs and required parameters (open time, viscosity, ...), making custom formulations capable of bonding substrates with practically zero absorption such as plasticized ones (polypropylene, ...), oleophobic, waterproof, varnished, etc ... that have very low surface tension.
It is a non-toxic, biodegradable, recyclable and 100% ecological product, as it is possible to work using water as a solvent, it allows avoiding the use of potentially more toxic or dangerous organic solvents, thus also reducing the waste generated and the impact on the footprint. carbon. All our glues are manufactured in an ECO INTELLIGENT way for the benefit of the environment.


cola base gelatina

cola en polvo


Gelatin-based adhesive manufactured dry, with characteristics similar to gelled formulations. They must be treated with water before adjusting the concentration to each job's needs, thus increasing their versatility even more. They stand out for their high tacking, malleability, and adhesion power, likewise, when dry they provide elastic and tension-free films, which ensure the absence of deformations in the glued material.
It is a non-toxic, biodegradable, recyclable and 100% ecological product, as it is possible to work using water as a solvent, it allows avoiding the use of potentially more toxic or dangerous organic solvents, thus also reducing the waste generated and the impact on the footprint. carbon. All our Jelly-based glues are manufactured in an ECO INTELLIGENT way to benefit the environment

Easy handling

Our glues are characterized by their easy handling, being suitable for all machines on the market. Kolbus, Horauf, Peroni, CMC, Emmeci, Europrogetti, FMC, Samed, Crathern, Tunkers, Silva, Sate, IML Machinery, Zechini, Zhengrun, Bolsen, etc.


Aqueous dispersions

These are liquid adhesives formed by dispersions of polymers in a solvent. This solution is applied to the substrates and adhesion is produced by evaporation and diffusion, and once dry a strong, fine, and transparent bond is obtained.

  • Polyvinyl Acetate Dispersions: Polyvinyl acetate is a polymer obtained from the free radical vinyl polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer. At Royal Cartton we have white glues made of homopolymer polyvinyl acetate (polymerization only of monomeric vinyl acetate) and ethyl vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA, polymer formed by repeating units of ethylene and vinyl acetate). Both provide strong gluing and fast-drying, and EVA dispersions are capable of gluing the most complex substrates (plasticized, ...) and with the lowest surface tension.
  • Acrylic Dispersions: they are copolymer acrylate resins in aqueous suspension, they provide a strong bond in the most complex materials and their self-adhesive character allows them to be an excellent base for PSA applications
  • Styrenic dispersions: these are aqueous dispersions of styrene-butadiene copolymer capable of bonding complex materials, resulting in a high adhesive strength even when using very little quantity. They are characterized by having a very fast drying.
  • Rewettable dispersions: at Royal Cartton we also have rewettable glue formulations (after drying, they can be reactivated by applying a small amount of water). They are used in letters, stamps, etc.

dispersiones acuosas

Lower impact on carbon footprint

All Royal Cartton dispersions use water as a solvent, which minimizes the impact on the carbon footprint.
At Royal Cartton we continually work on the development of new glues and improvement of existing ones, being able to offer tailor-made solutions adjusting the characteristics of the dispersion to those desired by the client.


Vegetable Origin Adhesives

adhesivos vegetales

These are natural glues of vegetable origin, made up of carbohydrates, specifically starch, a polysaccharide that functions as an energy reserve in plants and is found abundantly in corn or potatoes, although the starch from it is also studied at Royal Cartton of other vegetables for use in adhesives. Formulations can also be made with dextrins, low molecular weight oligosaccharides obtained from the hydrolysis of starch. It is, therefore, a totally biodegradable and ecological product, completely respectful of the environment, and non-toxic. We also avoid additives in our formulations that may be toxic or harmful to the environment, such as borax, widely used in this type of; Our technical department works continuously to replace this type of additives with other non-toxic or environmentally damaging ones. On the other hand, they are water-based solvent adhesives, avoiding the use of solvents and therefore reducing the impact on the carbon footprint.

High working speeds

Our biopolymer-based glues have a high initial tack which allows high working speeds, with excellent application roll behavior, they dry in a few minutes and enjoy great stability to temperature variations once dry and have a great resistance to humidity. In addition, our R + D + i department works constantly to improve existing glues and can modify their properties to adapt them to the characteristics desired by our clients.


Technical & Commercial Department

Our technical and commercial departments present a high added value by linking the commercial area with the technical area. Seeking to provide an excellent service to our clients through our knowledge, experience, and involvement.

Los equipos técnico y comercial trabajan coordinadamente con tal de estar en constante comunicación con nuestros clientes para establecer la mejor solución para sus necesidades diarias de trabajo.

Nuestro proceso de desarrollo parte con el estudio de las necesidades de nuestros clientes por parte del equipo de profesionales de Royal Cartton.
The technical and commercial teams work in coordination in order to be in constant communication with our clients to establish the best solution for their daily work needs.Our development process starts with the study of the needs of our clients by Royal Cartton's team of professionals. Once the best solution has been determined, we communicate with our clients and propose the option that best suits their needs.
To test the solution, we establish a test protocol at the client's facilities, jointly carrying out the necessary tests with their technical staff in order to solve technical difficulties and doubts that may arise during these tests.

At Royal Cartton we want to guarantee the proper functioning and performance of our queues with the ultimate goal of achieving the satisfaction of all our customers.


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