Research, development and quality control

Innovation is the key to economic growth.



We are committed to research and development. R + D + I represents our largest investment and for this, we have a team of highly qualified expert technicians in the development of adhesives that, combined with our well-equipped laboratory with cutting-edge technology, allows us to advance and position ourselves at the forefront of new developments that respond to the needs of an increasingly demanding market.

Committed to the future of our planet at Royal Cartton we are constantly searching for new sources of raw materials that are increasingly sustainable and respectful with the environment.

Laboratory Proficiency

  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    In recent years, the Technical Department has been renewed in R + D + I, which added to the advanced technology they have at their disposal has allowed the development of new formulas and notably improve quality controls. Exhaustive analysis of the received raw materials is carried out to verify their quality before their use in production. In the same way, each batch manufactured is analyzed under the strictest quality standards during its production and with the finished product, resulting in complete traceability and quality assurance of the finished glue before serving it to our customers. Royal Cartton's laboratory staff, with extensive experience in the sector, assess all the problems of our clients to find the most effective and satisfactory solution in the shortest possible time.
  • Development of new adhesives / Tailormade Solution

    Development of new adhesives / Tailormade Solution

    Our adhesives are formulated for the most common and usual jobs, as well as for those jobs that present high gluing problems. For this, and based on our laboratory that has the most sophisticated technology, it has made us increasingly competitive when it comes to being able to offer our customers a personalized product that allows them to evolve and optimize the performance of the manufacturing process.
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Adhesive Application Tests

Thanks to our laboratory optimally equipped with the most advanced technology, we offer the possibility of carrying out personalized tests at the request of our clients.

Test to determine the surface energy of a substrate in order to select the best glue. It is done by means of pencils containing an ink of a certain surface tension that is applied to the substrate and its wetting, absorption and shrinkage are observed.
Determination of the force necessary to separate two objects glued together with an adhesive. It is carried out with the help of a dynamometer with tensile and compression tests and allows to know the force necessary to separate the two substrates.
Tests to determine if there is a good gluing, several parameters can be determined, such as open time, which is the time that the adhesive remains alive after applying to one of the substrates and continues to stick, and can also be carried out in several ways to obtain a value of absolute time or the point of maximum adherence of the glue; the setting time, which is the time it takes for the glue to start pulling fibers from a substrate; or gluing tests at longer times under certain conditions.
The term "thermal shock" refers to the breakage of the adhesive bond when undergoing a drastic change in temperature and humidity. It happens when said union breaks when subjected to a sudden variation of the thermal conditions of the environment. Often, our customers send their finished products to any part of the world, being able to suffer very sudden changes in temperature and humidity that can damage their adhesive joints. That is why we simulate the most extreme scenarios that our adhesives can suffer in real life. The tests are carried out at the customer's request, following the strictest regulation required in each case and according to internal regulations. Only in this way can we guarantee the highest quality of our adhesives.
Checking the resistance of the glue at very low temperatures. It is carried out by putting it at temperatures down to -40ºC for a certain time and analyzing it later, or by placing the glued substrates at those temperatures and verifying their state after a while.
Determination of various parameters (viscosity, pH, concentration, tack, etc.) according to the strictest criteria.
Robinson test of migration of odors and flavors using a triangular test, widely used in products for food contact. It consists of putting the glued substrate in contact with the food or product with which it will be in contact for several days on a small surface, and then several people will check these samples together with some blind samples and it will be verified if there has been any transfer of odor.
Determination of the amount of glue that is applied to a certain substrate surface is carried out by applying various amounts of glue to a substrate and checking its subsequent gluing (strength and cohesion of the joint, curl of the substrate, etc.), thus being able to determine which It is the minimum amount of adhesive that must be applied to have an optimal result and that our clients can apply our products in the most efficient way possible.

Technical & Commercial Department

Our technical and commercial departments present a high added value by linking the commercial area with the technical area. Seeking to provide an excellent service to our clients through our knowledge, experience, and involvement.

Los equipos técnico y comercial trabajan coordinadamente con tal de estar en constante comunicación con nuestros clientes para establecer la mejor solución para sus necesidades diarias de trabajo.

Nuestro proceso de desarrollo parte con el estudio de las necesidades de nuestros clientes por parte del equipo de profesionales de Royal Cartton.
The technical and commercial teams work in coordination in order to be in constant communication with our clients to establish the best solution for their daily work needs.Our development process starts with the study of the needs of our clients by Royal Cartton's team of professionals. Once the best solution has been determined, we communicate with our clients and propose the option that best suits their needs.
To test the solution, we establish a test protocol at the client's facilities, jointly carrying out the necessary tests with their technical staff in order to solve technical difficulties and doubts that may arise during these tests.

At Royal Cartton we want to guarantee the proper functioning and performance of our queues with the ultimate goal of achieving the satisfaction of all our customers.


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