Summer heat and humidity can significantly change the properties of gelatin-based glues due to their composition, being totally biodegradable can be greatly affected by severe climatic conditions, which can make their handling difficult and cause some problems of production. At Royal Cartton we try to tailor the formulations in a personalized way taking into account the climatic season of our clients, however, there are several general tips that can be useful in the face of heat and summer.

Basically, the heat and humidity can considerably increase the open time of the glues, causing them to take longer than usual to dry, if this is the case, these would be our recommendations

  • APPLY LESS GLUE: if a thinner layer of adhesive is applied (link to product application tests - glue optimization test), it will take less time to dry, thus ensuring that it conforms to the expected time
  • CARE OF THE SUBSTRATES: it is very important to keep the substrates to be used in a place as cool and dry as possible. Keeping them away from exposure to high temperatures and humidity will also avoid many problems
  • KEEP THE WORK AREA TEMPERATURE: try to keep the work area as isolated as possible from heat and external humidity and put fans near the machines to help cool them is highly recommended
  • REDUCE THE SPEED OF THE MACHINE: in this way we give the glue more time to dry and can avoid major problems of unsatisfactory finished product and waste elimination
  • REDUCE THE TEMPERATURE OF THE TAIL: by trying to work at a slightly lower temperature than usual, we can also get the open time of the glue to be shortened, thus returning to the expected value.

In any case, it is best to contact the Royal Cartton S.L. to choose the most suitable solution in extreme heat scenarios.

Technical & Commercial Department

Our technical and commercial departments present a high added value by linking the commercial area with the technical area. Seeking to provide an excellent service to our clients through our knowledge, experience, and involvement.

Los equipos técnico y comercial trabajan coordinadamente con tal de estar en constante comunicación con nuestros clientes para establecer la mejor solución para sus necesidades diarias de trabajo.

Nuestro proceso de desarrollo parte con el estudio de las necesidades de nuestros clientes por parte del equipo de profesionales de Royal Cartton.
The technical and commercial teams work in coordination in order to be in constant communication with our clients to establish the best solution for their daily work needs.Our development process starts with the study of the needs of our clients by Royal Cartton's team of professionals. Once the best solution has been determined, we communicate with our clients and propose the option that best suits their needs.
To test the solution, we establish a test protocol at the client's facilities, jointly carrying out the necessary tests with their technical staff in order to solve technical difficulties and doubts that may arise during these tests.

At Royal Cartton we want to guarantee the proper functioning and performance of our queues with the ultimate goal of achieving the satisfaction of all our customers.


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