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100% Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly Products

100% Environmental friendly.

Philosophy and Vision

Customer satisfaction is ROYAL CARTTON's top priority. Our philosophy is based on guaranteeing the quality and constant regularity of our products.

We believe that cutting-edge research is essential, which is why our R & D & I team is determined and constantly conducts research on new adhesives that allows us to be at the forefront in the development of specialized glues and glues for the sector. of graphic arts, increasingly demanding.

For ROYAL CARTTON, sustainability and having eco-friendly processes and products is essential, which is why our entire team is committed to working in a sustainable way, thinking about the best future of the planet.ta

All of the above allows us to be able to meet the needs of our clients, develop customized solutions that they require and that best adapt to the conditions of their daily work in an eco-friendly way.

Bonding Beyond!
Water-Based Glues
Application tests.
Tailormade Solutions
Cola Base Gelatina
Control de calidad
What is gelatin?
Vegetable glues
Logistics Solutions
Cola en polvo
We are compromised with the natural environment, we think that if you join us we can take care of our planet.
We look forward to continually developing ecoenergy process to decrease the carbon footprint.
Adhesives, glues, all our products are recyclables, green products for a green world
Our products are ecofriendly, we care about our planet

Application Fields

All our products have a universal application. However, we have specialized adhesives for each of the employment sectors.
  • Laminating


    For gluing paper on cardboard and are generally used for the manufacture of advertising displays, for the manufacture of board
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  • Lined Boxes

    Lined Boxes

    In a packaging market on the rise, more and more competitive. we know the importance of a well-finished luxury box.For
    Read More
  • Bookbinding


    Our animal protein-based glues have been used for a long time in the bookbinding sector for the area of ​​hardcover
    Read More

Adhesives, glues, all our products are recyclables, green products for a green world


Friendly with the ecosystem

Ecological sustainability - ecosistema, sustentable

Being friendly with the ecosystem is increasingly important in our life, if...

Tips on Summer

Royal Cartton News - Calor, Cola, Soluciones a medida, temperatura

  Summer heat and humidity can significantly change the properties of gelatin-based glues...

Technical & Commercial Department

Our technical and commercial departments present a high added value by linking the commercial area with the technical area. Seeking to provide an excellent service to our clients through our knowledge, experience, and involvement.

Los equipos técnico y comercial trabajan coordinadamente con tal de estar en constante comunicación con nuestros clientes para establecer la mejor solución para sus necesidades diarias de trabajo.

Nuestro proceso de desarrollo parte con el estudio de las necesidades de nuestros clientes por parte del equipo de profesionales de Royal Cartton.
The technical and commercial teams work in coordination in order to be in constant communication with our clients to establish the best solution for their daily work needs.Our development process starts with the study of the needs of our clients by Royal Cartton's team of professionals. Once the best solution has been determined, we communicate with our clients and propose the option that best suits their needs.
To test the solution, we establish a test protocol at the client's facilities, jointly carrying out the necessary tests with their technical staff in order to solve technical difficulties and doubts that may arise during these tests.

At Royal Cartton we want to guarantee the proper functioning and performance of our queues with the ultimate goal of achieving the satisfaction of all our customers.


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